QNEKT Regtest with react-box

Connecting react-box to regtest

Now that Qnekt is connected to your local regtest instance and you have a balance, we can launch react-box and connect to it via Qnekt/Web3.
In a previous section, we did truffle migrate --network regtest which generated some contract artifacts.
We need to copy those into the client/src folder in react-box
react-box> cp -a build/contracts client/src/
cd client
npm run start
The Dapp should open in your browser
Qnekt will prompt you to connect your account to the Dapp
After confirming
A transaction will be submitted
And after being confirmed, the stored value in the smart contract will be updated from 0 to 5
Congratulations, now you have deployed a contract via truffle, connected it to Qnekt and signed a transaction.