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Janus Docker Container

First, download the Janus docker image
docker pull qtum/janus:latest
To setup a Janus docker container we need to configure a network bridge for it to talk to the Qtum blockchain
docker network create --driver bridge qtum
Then we need to startup the Qtum blockchain and configure it to use the network
docker run --network=qtum -it --rm \
--name qtumd_regtest \
-v `pwd`:/root \
-p 23888:23888 \
-p 3889:3889 \
qtum/qtum \
qtumd -regtest -txindex -addrindex=1 -logevents \
-rpcbind= -rpcallowip= -rpcuser=qtum -rpcpassword=testpasswd
And finally, launch Janus configured to use the network as well
docker run --network=qtum -it --rm \
--name janus_regtest \
-v `pwd`:/root \
-p 23889:23889 \
qtum/janus:latest \
--bind --dev --qtum-rpc=http://qtum:testpasswd@qtumd_regtest:3889